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[Movie Review] Get Duked! (2020) ★★★★★

DJ Beatroot, Ian, Duncan and Dean in Get Duked! 2020

Get Duked! unleashes hilarious terror in the Scottish Highlands.

Get Duked! is a British dark comedy horror with satire, over the top comical situations, over the top characters and some social commentary. It’s a mashup that is all things British and brings a delightful comedy that will make you laugh for sure. If not for the extravagant stereotypes, then for the absurd slapstick situations or the great hallucinatory cinematography and the brilliant rap and old folk songs combined into a fresh mix. Get Duked! is hilarious, brilliantly bonkers and has great fun delivering it. 


Dean, Duncan and DJ Beatroot have to go to the Scottish Highlands to achieve The Duke of Edinburgh Award by walking through the Highlands to the camp site. It’s their punishment mainly for blowing up a toilet, although they are specialists in mischief. Another boy Ian joins them, out of his own free will and wants to hike the trail to win the award, like a real boy scout. They are brought in a mini bus by their teacher Mr. Carlyle who awaits them at the camp site. But he is not the only one expecting them. A hunter masked as the Duke of Edinburgh hunts the four boys down and soon the four boys have to run for their lives. 

Why you should watch it

Get Duked! has a very simple premise, but certainly makes the absolute most out of it. No situation is left unused and the boys makes sure that they become as stereotypical as stupid and likable but unlikely heroes. Absolutely everything about this film is wonderfully hilarious. All the characters are impressively funny, from the hunters, the four boys, the farmers who eat magic hallucinogenic rabbit droppings, till the incompetent police whose main concern is to catch a bread thief, but are quite excited to have hip hop terrorists roaming the Highlands. They all bring something typical and funny to the story, where no-one is spared being made fun of. 

The four boys steal the show. While Duncan, Dean and DJ are rather stupid but outcasts, Ian might be a lot smarter, but an outcast too. They have to work together as a team to defeat the hunting party that hunts down city youth. This results in a class and generation conflict that adds some social commentary, just enough to give the film a serious undertone, but not too much so it holds true to its absurd slapstick comedy. Out of their comfort zone, the boys aren’t so tough anymore, but luckily they still hold on to their idiotic behavior and thinking, which is cause for the utmost ridiculous over the top events and action. 

Without spoiling too much, you really need to watch this film, there’s not a moment wasted to bring in laughing out loud situations or acts or remarks, that are hysterical.  But it never feels rushed. Everything that happens, how ludicrous it gets, it feels totally natural and everything falls into the right place at the right time. The comedy timing is absolutely perfect and spot on. While the fun bits fall out off the air to surprise you big time to create unsuspected slapstick comedy. The film makes use of all kinds of comedy and uses it with flair and playfulness and each fun bit is very original so it never gets old. Most situations and dialogue are so absurd that you often wonder and amaze yourself how they did come up with that. 

Although the focus is on the comedy, it also delivers some exciting thrilling scenes as well and because it’s such an off-kilter and anarchic film with bold choices, everything might happen, even the good guys can be killed off. 

The cinematography is playful and serves the boys and all the other characters who all contribute to a great fun vibe. Especially when the rabbit droppings do their job, creating the hysterical hallucinations. Combined with the free rap of DJ performing for the stoned farmers, it results in masterly creative and funny scenes that turn the film into a heartwarming feel good film. 

Although some jokes are dark and gruesome, it’s always so over the top that the story has left the realm of realistic events. But the film never forgets its characters to be believable despite the unlikely and over the top unrealistic situations. It’s a great feat to create an original film that seems to be targeted at a special audience but manages to entertain everyone with a dark sense of humor and who likes an ending to be epic, heartwarming and really does make you feel good. 

My favorite part

The heroism the boys gain along the way, to save each other is brilliantly done. From stupid blowing boys who also blow things up, and think they can’t amount to anything or have a too big of an expectation of life, they become more confident and optimistic about the future, still being the rather dumb boys but less prone to do stupid things.

But the best part was the free rap in the barn. When DJ went into the barn where the farmers were listening to his CD, it was an epic moment. Finally he had found the audience he was looking for. And things spiral out of control from thereon into the most comical rescue party you ever will see in the Highlands. But the rap was like a brilliant mixed tape with the old folk song the two hunters were singing and the shots of the other characters, either in search for their friend, or in danger, or in search for clues where the terrorists might dwell. It’s a greatly edited video clip of its own and defines what the film and the characters are all about. I thought it was absolutely amazing and pure entertainment with smart creative cinematography and editing at its best.


Rating: ★★★★★

Fun factor: ★★★★★

Originality factor: ★★★★★

Gruesome factor: ★★★☆☆

Entertainment factor: ★★★★★

Cast and crew

Get Duked! is directed by and written by Ninian Doff. It stars Samuel Bottomley (Ian), Viraj Juneja (DJ Beatroot), Lewis Gribben (Duncan), Rian Gordon (Dean), Jonathan Aris (Mr. Carlyle), Eddie Izzard (The Duke), Georgie Glen (The Duchess), James Cosmo (The Farmer), Kate Dickie (Sergeant Morag) and Kevin Guthrie (PC Hamish). 

Duration: 87 minutes. Music: Alex Menzies. Cinematography: Patrick Meller. Edited by: Ninian Doff, Ross Hallard. Produced by: Brian Coffey, Tobey Maguire, Matthew Plouffe, Laura Tunstall. Production companies: Amazon Studios, Material Pictures, Highland Midgie Production, Nowhere Pulse Films, Tango Entertainment. Distributed by: Amazon Studios. 

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